All of my work is about exceptional storytelling and helping people engage with brands, organizations, and one another in a personal and meaningful way.

Through my work I combine a passion for stories, innovative culture, and brand experiences with
thorough people-based research and thoughtful insight. 

This is my approach:



From Yangon to Nairobi, I've worked across different mediums and collaborated with diverse teams to research and share stories. Working under constraints and less-than  ideal conditions is my jam: 
it's where I do my best work. 



I love producing work that speaks to people and provides a thoughtful solution to a problem that we might not even know that we had. AKA bringing more good to the world and making a difference in people's lives (big or small).



An old Minolta film camera and conversations with NYC hot dog vendors were my gateway into photography which led to a passion for sharing stories
and to first steps in the world of photojournalism. 

Here's what I've done so far. 

My professional interests include brand stories, outside-the-box strategy, and all things people. I'm especially passionate about exploring the way that stories affect the way that we interact with brands, organizations, and one another.  

Until recently, I built inclusive communications experiences at the UN World Food Programme in Rome, Italy. I have been lucky enough to be a part of fantastic teams spanning handmade hospitality, content, and branding in New York, post-click marketing and non-profit consulting in Boston, and palliative care photojournalism research for the Open Society Foundations in Kenya. I am seeking to provide valuable contributions to a powerhouse team and be surrounded by those who bring out the best in each other. 

United Nations World Food Programme

Communications Intern, Supply Chain | September 2015 - March 2016
Rome, Italy

In my recent opportunity to create inclusive communication experiences for 3,500 global WFP staff and UN partners, I developed comms for a global team during a major internal merger: WFP Logistics and WFP Procurement merged to create WFP Supply Chain, the organization's largest department. I executed strategic plans based on new division goals, United Nations requirements, project research findings, & executive feedback.

Supported content management: Assisted WFP's Supply Chain Communications Director in managing, maintaining, and optimizing content on the organization's website and social media accounts. Researched best practices and made recommendations for the WFP Supply Chain blog and @WFPLogistics Twitter account with 17,400+ followers. Composed succinct, well-written articles for online, print, and publications including South African Airways Magazine. 

Information and analytics management: Collected, documented, and interpreted all communications and information products for Logistics and Procurement departments. Performed analysis to determine any redundancies, duplicates, and inefficiencies to consolidate all products under new Supply Chain department. Worked alongside Web Development team to build an internal website and message board so that Communications team could receive direct feedback from national staff on division initiatives. Documented and analyzed all responses to create executive brief for heads of Supply Chain and Executive Director. 

Expanded the Supply Chain footprint: Coordinated all email content advising Logistics and Procurement staff on the internal merger, including ghost write for executives and draft briefs. Optimized email distribution to all global Logistics and Procurement staff. Independently reached out to over 50 Country Offices to gather emails and contact information for all staff to help build and promote WFP supply chain online. Managed internal global inbox for Supply Chain and processed all employee communications requests. 

Special Projects: Advised the Head of Web and Social Media on digital strategy for WFP's role in World Toilet Day on 19 November to raise awareness of global sanitation based on my expertise in the area. Gathered articles from national staff to consolidate, edit, and write a monthly newsletter that reached 3,500 staff in 80+ countries. 

Studio Tano

Associate Strategist, Contract | September 2015 - February 2016
New York, NY + Rome, Italy

My work at Studio Tano felt like a crash course in everything brand, strategy, and digital. The founder continuously blows me away with her willingness to mentor me and share her wisdom of years working in the business. My role in the deadline-driven culture at Studio Tano focused on developing creative for pitches, creating and scheduling social media posts for various clients, and building the brand of Pino Luongo's Simply Tuscan from the ground up. Although I worked part-time, the "do everything and anything" way of working forced me to wear many different hats and adapt to diverse work for clientele every day.

Open Society Foundations

Grant Recipient August 2015
Nairobi, Kenya

I received the opportunity to travel to Kenya as a photographer and journalist for the Open Society Foundations, with the mission of documenting the current extent of palliative care in the country. Discussions with local government stakeholders, doctors, nurses, and patients awakened me to storytelling's potential to transform and affect change. 

I developed and collaborated on a series of character-based, multimedia narratives to convey the extremity children and adults face in living with life-threatening diseases without access to pain medications. I profiled two lifelong palliative care advocates based in Nairobi, documented the realities of living without access to pain medication in the Mathare slum, and developed a long-term photo essay on model palliative care at a hospice in Thigio.

The work and stories were exhibited in Nairobi, in Boston, and will be shown at the United Nations in New York in Spring 2016. Our hope is that medical professionals, government officials, and activists in Kenya and beyond will be able to use these narratives in their campaigns to expand palliative care and break the logjams that currently prevent access to pain medications.

Tufts University

B.A. in International Relations | earned May 2015
Medford, Massachusetts

I will always feel amazed by the incredible scale and diversity of opportunity that I was lucky to experience at Tufts. I remember how excited I was to be the youngest fellow of Gary Knight's intimately-sized Program for Narrative and Documentary Practice my freshman year. My first year at Tufts, highlighted by Gary's enthralling lectures on visual storytelling, set the standard for the rest of my college experience. Four years of phenomenal professors and diverse opportunities across majors challenged me to broaden my worldview and examine my perspective. 

Many of the challenges I faced at Tufts went beyond the classroom. My experience building a non-profit consulting group on our campus from scratch showed me the power of getting my hands dirty and built my role as a leader. Three years of throwing major campus-wide events taught me that quality stems from attention to detail. A junior fall semester abroad in Barcelona pushed me to explore my place in the world and instilled humility. My participation in Tufts' ideation lab initiatives pushed me out of my comfort zone by allowing me to exercise my creative muscles in a new way and sparked my obsession with strategy. 

Tufts did not only improve my sense of self as a creative person and lifelong student: it affirmed what I love to do and surrounded me with a wealth of passionate peers that continue to inspire me.

The Archimedes Project + Ideation Lab

Social Enterprise Developer | April 2015
Medford, Massachusetts

I worked on a team with graduate students, experts, and young professionals during a hackathon-style weekend to develop and design a practical, scalable business model to improve sanitation in the peri-urban slums of Tamil Nadu, India. Our 4-person team won the competition, and our enterprise is in the early stages of launch.


Campaign Strategy and Accounts Intern | January 2015 - May 2015
Boston, Massachusetts

I was lucky enough to join as one of the first interns to work with Jebbit's small, brilliant team. During these couple of months, I designed and launched campaigns for brands like Penguin Random House and Volkswagen, tracked analytics on campaigns, implemented a few initiatives to guide case study and graphics design, aided with sales pitches, and participated in the product design process. This early-stage startup rite of passage flooded me with opportunities to absorb insight from founders, engineers, investors, and other visionaries in the Boston startup community.

180 Degrees Consulting 

Founder & Marketing Director | November 2013 - December 2014
Medford, Massachusetts

While studying abroad in Barcelona, a colleague of mine at Tufts reached out to me about a project he was building. While still living in Spain, he told me about 180 Degrees over a 3am Skype session - I jumped into the project wholeheartedly and never looked back. I was lucky enough to be a part of a powerhouse team to found a branch of nonprofit student consultancy 180 Degrees Consulting at Tufts University. I independently designed and executed a multi-faceted strategy for the branch launch in January 2014 and oversaw the operations of what grew to be a 60-member consultancy working on up to 7 real client projects per semester. The executive board provided support to teams in CRM, donor strategy, and financial analysis for all client deliverables. When we transitioned to a new executive board, I trained and advised the new Marketing Director and helped her expand 180 Degrees even further. 


Member Services Intern | June 2014 - August 2014
New York, New York

Onefinestay reinforced in me the virtues of surrounding yourself with people who inspire you to push your limits. The summer working alongside the brilliant member services team, shadowing the hard-working cleaning staff on their routes, and managing end-to-end projects laid the foundation for my work style. I became an excellent multi-tasker, resolving 120+ client queries each week while managing live issues via phone and email. I engaged directly with clients during Home Greets as the face of onefinestay. The trust my teammates placed in me and the positivity and authenticity of their feedback did wonders for my confidence in the workplace. I'm grateful for the time I spent with these folks at onefinestay, whose work gave me a glimpse into the challenges and rewards of a startup employee's life.